Travel Arrangements

What is the best travel route?

Fly to Paris, pick your rental car up there & drive the 3+ hours to the castle, or take the fast train (TGV) in Paris from the Gare de Lyons to Le Creusot/Mont Chanin (1h 20m). Pick a rental car up at the train station & drive 30 min to & through Autun & about 15 min further to the castle, or take the bus into Autun (30 min) to pick your rental car up there (much more complicated!), or a taxi to the castle.

Should I rent a car?

The castle is not walking distance to markets, restaurants, etc., so I highly recommend renting a car. The closest market is about 10 km from the castle. The small town of Autun, where the outdoor market is twice weekly, is a few km further. I will recommend restaurants there & in other neighboring villages for your dinner.

Things to Do

What towns are nearby? What can I do there?

Autun is very famous as the Gallo-Roman center of France of antiquity. There are three Roman gates, a temple & a Roman theater still in use today. Autun is a walled city (beautiful walk along the ramparts) with a remarkable cathedral at its center displaying the magnificent sculpture of medieval Gislebertus, the Napoleon Bonaparte military college with its typical patterned tile Burgundian rooftops, the lovely old town center, museums, shopping and fine dining.

What other activities are there?

The national park draws people for hiking, biking, water sports (there are several lakes & many rivers), equitation, rock climbing, and visiting lovely old villages. There are many walking tours from village to village as well as along the many trails. Burgundy is reputed to have the best food and wine in France ; wine tasting is offered at many of the wineries.

There are dozens of beautiful castles to visit within an hour’s drive of your lodging, as well as the “Jewel of France”, the ancient abbey town Vezelay. There is also an important & fascinating archeological dig at Mont Beuvray near by with a wonderful museum. The renowned town of Beaune with its medieval hospice, mustard factory & museum, & yearly wine auction is also a short drive away.