What People are Saying about the Yoga Retreat

The yoga retreat was an amazing experience. The yoga was just great with a balance of Yin Yoga and then a well constructed yoga flow that was challenging but could also be adapted for easier poses. Each day Sylvi focused on different aspects of yoga and changed the asanas to reflect the day's emphasis. It was just wonderful. We stayed in this amazing castle built centuries ago...there was so much to see in Burgundy we could not do it all between the old abbeys, wine cellars, churches, quaint hamlets, hiking and museums. I came away much more limber than I started and also felt stronger after 7 days of consistent yoga. It was a delightful week. Kudos to Sylvi!

- Deena Altman

We had an absolutely fabulous time! You were terrific in yoga, Sylvi, each of us benefited at our own levels- lunches were fabulous- dinner at your lovely home delicious!

- Susan Dinn

Sylvi, I loved our yoga retreat!! I am inspired to continue with Yin Yoga. thank you for your patience and care!

- Hallie

Sylvi, thank you for my intro to yoga. I couldn't have had a better teacher!

- Lesley

Sylvi's yoga retreat was the highlight of my year! She offered some of the best yoga classes I have ever taken. She possesses such in depth knowledge of yoga, the asanas, their benefits, the history of yoga, anatomy, etc- I learned something new everyday! The accomodations were wonderful, the meals excellent, the setting beautiful, and there was so much to see- it was simply wonderful!

- Michelle

My week with Sylvi's Yoga in France has been one of my life's highlights. Our surroundings were unparalleled- a castle tucked away in the French countryside! The 3 hours of yoga each morning was not only good for body and soul, it gave you license to eat all of the incredible, fresh and home cooked food found in everty village.Sylvi is a talented instructor; she puts her heart and brains into the yoga lessons- they are truly informative, and she encourages you to find your limit but not go beyond it. She was able to accomodate students of all levels from beginners to advanced in one class- giving attention to each. I would return each year if I could.

- Chris Walker

I can honestly say that the Burgundy retreat offered one of the best yoga experiences I have enjoyed. This was my first introduction to yin yoga and I was so inspired by it that I have added it to my regular home practice. I found the yang practice to be invigorating as well as fun, and Sylvi challenged and encouraged me to attempt, and succeed at, poses I would not otherwise have attempted. What a thrill! This is an ideal environment, whether you are new to yoga or would like to challenge yourself and expand your practice. The setting in this gorgeous castle in the Morvan is breathtaking and offers numerous opportunities to explore...Thank you Sylvi! This was an amazing experience and I very much hope to repeat it!

- Aimee Jackson